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Chasing Remy

Ramblings on life, love, and the pursuit of X-Men

Distressing Damsel
6 July 1979
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I am a strange girl, to say the least. Although I always use an alias on-line, what you see is pretty much what you get. I have an appreciation for the darker side of life - I love true crime books, worship Tim Burton, and shop at Hot Topic - but that doesn't mean I don't like to have fun! By day I'm a high school biology teacher, warping...I mean shaping...tomorrow's leaders today. By night, I fight the world's injustice as a mysterious masked vigilante (actually, watching "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann is the extent of my fight against injustice).

*Also the mistress of darkness (and icons) at zomb_e_cons...

My latest obsession:

Move over "Boys I care about who don't like me back"...I got myself a shiny new obsession.

Everyone - I am officially obsessed with Syfy's mini-series "Alice." TEAM HATTER!!!

*Special thanks to angeleyesjg24 for making me this gorgeous gif!

The greatest compliments my students have ever given me:

  1. "You remind me of Eowyn."

  2. "You look just like Princess Leia!" (This one is actually a case of mistaken identity - after curling my hair and actually wearing makeup to school, one student said this to me. I pointed out that princess Leia never had curly hair, but he insisted...I finally figured out that he meant Padme. Since then, I've curled my hair again, and other students have declared that I look like Princess Leia. Even though her hair is almost always up, and never curly. It's all good to me.)

  3. "That shirt makes you look like a vampire." (This statement, once again made by a student, resulted in an elaborate mythology about my life as a vampire...as amusing as it was imaginative, it made me much more mysterious and interesting than I really am. Unless he was right, that is...)

  4. "Miss Quinn, have you ever seen '27 Dresses'? Well, you know that scene where she's on the bar singing 'Benny and the Jets'? It reminded me of you...I could totally see you doing that."

Things my friends have said about me:

  1. "You know if I were a straight dude, we'd be married."

  2. "I would trust you to have my back even more than most of my closest friends."

  3. "If you were a pickle and I were a cucumber, that was make us friends from a different lifetime."

  4. "...it reminds me of 'Alice in Wonderland,' and in turn, reminds me of you..." (This was said several weeks before Syfy's "Alice" aired and I became an obsessed fangirl. That boy knows me so well...)

Random facts that might help you get to know me better (in no particular order):
  • Despite my affection for Rogue and Gambit's relationship, I despise referring to them as "romy." But I sometimes grudgingly use the term in an attempt to appeal to the masses.

  • I love Wolverine, but hate that Marvel has him in a dozen books at any given time.

  • Jean Grey pisses me off...in any and all media. But she's cool as Dark Phoenix.

  • Rogue and Gambit are meant to be. Period. End of discussion. Why won't Marvel just let them be? I'm totally done with all this unnecessary "I need some time alone" angst.

  • I'm a big Batman fan...the fact that he has no super powers fascinates me.

  • I'm really glad Barbara Gordon found a way to continue fighting crime after she was paralyzed. That's what I call dedication and strength. I love her as Batgirl and Oracle.

  • Harley Quinn rocks. Totally. If I was an unstable psychiatrist in a mental institution, I'd wanna be just like her.

  • As much as I liked Michael Keaton as Batman, I think Christian Bale is better.

  • I hate Mary Jane Watson in the "Spider-Man" movies, and Rachel Dawes in "Batman Begins." Total bitches.

  • I was never a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and have only seen a handful of episodes...but I love Spike. And I love that he loves Buffy. When is that...season six?

  • I stopped watching "The X-Files" when Mulder left. Honestly...the show was about his search for the truth. No him, no search. And Scully annoyed me, although I think she and Mulder made a good team.

  • I hated what they did to Mike Kellerman in "Homicide: Life on the Street." Ok, so maybe he shouldn't have shot Luthor Mahoney...but his partner is the one who beat him down *and* lost his gun in the struggle. And he never owned up to that.

  • I love chocolate. And I mean LOVE.

  • I always wanted Leia to become a Jedi so she could have a lightsaber too.

  • I think the dialogue in the Star Wars prequels can't hold a candle to the original trilogy...but that doesn't mean the story isn't good.

  • Padme Amidala has the best outfits ever.

  • I think Donnie Darko makes a choice at the end of the movie.

  • I was so disappointed to learn that Harry Potter's father and his friends were bullies...poor Severus!

  • I know it's considered blasphemous, but I'm a big fan of both the "Harry Potter" movies and the "Lord of the Rings" movies even though I've never read the books. (Please don't hit me...I hit back!)

  • I liked Eowyn and Aragorn together as a couple...I wasn't traumatized that they end up with different people (especially since I think Faramir is a good guy), but I think they would have been good together.

  • I'm a big fan of Disney villains. Of the animated variety.

  • I absolutely loved and adored "Farscape," and think that canceling the show is the Sci-Fi channel's biggest mistake to date.

  • I enjoyed the movie version of "Closer" even though key points of the play were left out.

  • I think "The Shawshank Redemption" may be the one perfectly constructed movie ever to exist. There is nothing about it that I don't think is absolutely, positively, perfect.

  • My favorite movie genre is horror. My least favorite movie genre is romantic comedy.

  • I have been referred to as both "Lizzie" (Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice") and "Sara" (Sara Sidle from "CSI") by multiple people.

That's all of the random stuff I can think of for now. Are you scared yet...?

Other semi-important info:

I created my LiveJournal header image using images from the following sites:
      ~ Lady of Rohan - Eowyn
      ~ The John and Aeryn Site - Aeryn Sun
      ~ The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Costumes - Padme and Leia
      ~ Summer Glau - River Tam

The quote on the image is from Disney's "Hercules," and is spoken by Megara.

I also created my own mood theme using both Rogue scans from the comics (ones that I scanned myself, I might add) and Rogue movie images from AnnaPaquinFan.org.

My userpic "Green Girl" is a scan of a painting I purchased in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Because I had no clue what to write on my profile...how to organize my thoughts or how much info to put out there, I looked around at other people's profiles, and ended up using ladyaeryn's as a template. So this setup is all her. Many apologies for my lack of vision.

Shameless plugs:

Cold Hands, Warm Cards - This is my baby, my website dedicated to all things Rogue and Gambit. It includes issue summaries, quotes, an image gallery, and lots of other goodies. It also contains a collection of my very own fanfic. So please, stop by, take a look around...

Ariadne_Quinn Fan Fiction - Don't want to bother with all the extra stuff? Go here to read my fanfic on FanFiction.Net.
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