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Chasing Remy
Ramblings on life, love, and the pursuit of X-Men
Happy Birthday, veracity!!!

It seems like things have been rough for you recently...but I hope you had a great day!

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As I teacher, I’m incredibly lucky in that I have a chance to celebrate a “new year” twice a year. There’s the official New Year’s Day, January 1st, recognized the world over…but for me, there’s also September 1st, the day that marks the beginning of a new school year. In a lot of ways, September 1st is more meaningful to me…it’s a fresh start with a new group of students, perhaps a handful of new peers, and maybe even additional subjects to teach.

In honor of my rapidly approaching “new year,” and as a result of a particularly introspective summer, I came up with a list of resolutions. I’ve never done something like this before, and I know that few people are able to stick to the resolutions they make, but I believe all of my goals are realistic and attainable, and I think it’s a step towards becoming a better person. A better me.

Want to read more?  Look Into The Abyss...

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In case anyone one was wondering what happened in my life during my LJ disappearance, here are the not-so-exciting highlights...

Boys suck...Collapse )

Cancer sucks...Collapse )

But I'm trying not to suck...Collapse )

In other news, I have survived the great ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE...I mean...Hurricane Irene.  By the time it got to my neck of the woods, it had died down quite a bit.  A lot of places are flooded, but I'm doing just fine.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Questions?  Don't be shy...

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I haven't disappeared since my not-so-exciting "I'm back!" post.

However, technology has not been my friend recently...first my personal laptop freaked out - my OS is apparently shot (fuck you, Microsoft), and while my father (IBM employee for almost 30 years and all around great guy) has been working tirelessly to fix the problem, it appears that my poor Lenovo T61 may never work again.  Luckily, we had the foresight to copy all the important files on my hard drive before it died completely.

I wasn't particularly upset, since they let us take our work computers home over the summer...of course, mine somehow managed to download a virus within days, prompting me to go to school in search of our head IT guy.  I found him, he installed a new hard drive (I don't save anything on my school computer), and all was right with the world.  Until the virus reared its ugly head again.



And since I don't own a smartphone, I haven't been able to post for a little while.  The last I heard, he was still working on it.  I'm currently writing this on another school laptop he was kind enough to lend me (another teacher apparently turned it in when he found a job elsewhere during the summer).


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I know I haven't been around for a while, but I'm considering coming back and starting to use my LiveJournal again.

I think it would be good for me.


Just a thought...

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A very happy birthday to ladyaeryn!  May your day be full of love, laughter, and Jedi Knights.  :-)

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Happy Birthday to  kirabutler!  May your day be full of love, laughter, and lots of Romy goodness!

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Since I'm doing Punnet squares in class today, I feel to need to share this:

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25 years ago, NASA's 25th mission went terribly wrong.

I was 6 years old, watching the shuttle launch from my desk in my first grade classroom.

After only 73 seconds, the Challenger exploded.  There were no survivors.

My mom was watching at home with my 4 year old brother...he apparently turned to her and asked her if the people were ok, and it almost made her cry.

Here's to those curious enough, adventurous enough, brave enough to explore those places few have ever dared to even dream about.

Challenger: 25 years later, a still painful wound

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A very happy birthday to stretch!  May your day be full of love, laughter, and more Emma Frost screencaps from "X Men: First Class"!

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